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6 Tips for Keeping Spirits Up During a Holiday Move

6 Tips for Keeping Spirits Up During a Holiday Move

Posted by A-1 First Class on Nov 27, 2017 12:19:00 PM
The holidays are a time for family and friends, good food, festive drinks, twinkling lights and warm cookies. Sometimes the fresh start signified by the turning of the calendar year includes relocating to a new home.

Moving during the holidays might be a bit chaotic, but it’s not impossible. With the right attitude and amazing movers, a holiday move can be smooth and worry-free.
Here are a few tips to help you get your cheer in gear during a holiday move:

1. Secure your movers ASAP

Hiring a certified ProMover moving company takes a lot of the stress off of you. Not only are ProMover--certified companies reliable, but they uphold all federal regulations by the American Moving & Storage Association’s Code of Ethics. Their movers all undergo extensive background checks. When going ProMover, you know you’re getting the top of the line service. 

PRO-TIP: Secure your dates ASAP. Since it’s the holidays, many moving companies are short-staffed (movers need to see their families, too!), and have shortened hours, so you may have less of a window to book. Your professional company will do what they can to accommodate you, but it’s easier all around for you to get your dates on the calendar sooner rather than later.

2. Do your holiday community event research

Some communities host holiday parades, street fairs, festivals, tree lightings, or other events. Make sure to check that neither your current nor new town has any of these events going on during one of your moving days. The last thing you need is unexpected street closures messing with your plan.


"Secure your Moving Dates ASAP. Many moving companies are short staffed during the holidays."

3. Watch the weather & plan accordingly

It’s nothing new that winter weather can completely derail plans. Keep a close eye on the forecast. If some snow is expected that won’t shut down your operation entirely, make sure to take the proper measures to make your move as safe as possible. Salt your driveway and steps for movers at both your current and new home – you don’t want to risk any slippery feet!


4. Consider holiday traffic patterns

Don’t forget how frustrating holiday traffic can be. If you can, try to avoid the peak traffic days (such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve).


family packing 

5. Make packing a festive event

In order to ease the pain of packing up your entire house, try to make it a festive packing party! Bake cookies, play holiday music and try to be in good spirits while packing. Having loved ones around to help you will make it much easier, and help you to feel included during a season where you may feel a little lonely while changing locations.

PRO TIP: If the idea of packing up all of your belongings yourself isn’t attractive, consider a professional packing company or better yet, a moving company that will pack for you!

6. Send out holiday new home annoucements

In lieu of the usual holiday greeting cards, use this opportunity to announce your new home and address to your family and friends. It’s a cheerful spin on the generic new home announcement, and gives you the chance to still get your holiday card creativity on.
Because you have a list, a plan, your certified ProMovers, you did your research, you’re drinking a little extra eggnog at your festive packing party and you know the exact weather forecast minute by minute, you will be in the right frame of mind to relax and enjoy the transition to the new adventure that awaits.



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